Matt Espinosa Imagine for Lexie

You sat watching your best friends play basketball, running up and down the court the hotel had. They were all sweaty and shirtless, their skin glistening and glimmering. 

Yes, you noticed this. You weren’t ashamed to say that your best friends were attractive, because you would have to be blind or lying to think that.

But! That doesn’t mean that you like all of them. You thought of most of them as your brothers. All except one. 

Matthew Espinosa.

You don’t know when you began to think of Matt this way, or when you deciding that these feelings became a very large crush.

But, what you do know, is when ever you see him, your heart races, and elephants begin to stampede in your stomach, your thoughts began race around the cute little thing he does, and you always were happy around him.

In your thoughts, Taylor missed the hoop, hit the rim, and the ball shot forwards, smacking you in the face, making you fall backwards by the force of the ball by the force, resulting in you hitting your head on the concrete.

You groaned in pain, closing your eyes to hold the tears back. You heard several pairs of feet slam on the ground, muffled voices talking above you. You open your tear full eyes, to see 11 people over you. 

"Are you okay Lex?" You heard Mahogany ask, and you nodded, as Shawn and Aaron helped you up. You wobbled a little, dizzy from the impact. "I think she has a concussion guys…" You heard Carter say, remorse in his voice. 

"I’m so sorry Lexie!" Taylor whisper-shouted, his eyes full of guilt. You pulled a small smile, telling him it wasn’t his fault, when you felt something cold on your head. You looked up to see Matt holding an ice pack to your head. "Here Lex." Hayes handed you a water bottle, while the Jacks went and got Brent. 

"Do you need so asprin or something?" Cam asked you, and you shook your head, while Nash said something about not giving you any medicine until we were sure you didn’t have an concussion.

"Matt, can I tell you something?" You asked him. You weren’t sure where this new found confidence was from. "Of course! What’s up?" He held the ice pack on your head, which was on his chest as you sat between his legs, his other arm on your waist. 

"I like you." You said bluntly, looking at him with glazed eyes. "I like you too Lex." 

You two leaned in, the others hooting and hollering when your lips connected.

~Hope you like it!

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